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Chufamilk is a site offering languages courses online and in video conference. Learning a language from home, in the comfort of one's living room or one's office, it is now so easy with the new technology and increasingly faster Internet connections. Our trainers, who are linguists specialised in teaching foreign languages are available to support in your learning of the language you want to discover or improve.

If you want to stay in your office or at home and learn a foreign language (because you do not have the time to move, because you have an appointment and do not have time to lose trying to park your car near a language school, because the children are coming back home soon or you have to pick them up in the right time, because you are far away from town, because, because,...), this way of learning is for you. Also we invite you to visit the pages of this site, go to our contact page and contact us for further information. We will be happy to inform you.

Create your own training centre. We help you.

Our partner : Imnlp-p training association helps you to create and launch your own training centre for foreign languages. We provide you with the trainers and teachers. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a printer.

For details, click here or contact us directly on this site.


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